To provide rural communities with the tools necessary to communicate the importance of the health care system to the local community, as well as to create strategies to improve the sustainability of the local health care system, CEARH researchers and staff are focused on providing:

1) Data tools that the public can freely access that highlight the viability of the local healthcare system, healthcare workforce gaps, health outcomes, and community demographics.
2) Research on rural health issues that have a direct impact on local economies but are not as easily quantifiable, including the relationship between hospitals and economic development, telehealth, EMS, aging services, and vertical and horizontal rural health network/coalitions.
3) Dissemination of research findings and tools for the public to be able to put the research to use.
4) Training opportunities to build capacity of local leaders to access their own local data, support in communicating the key results to their stakeholders, and engaging the community in the process.