The goal of CEARH is to build capacity for local leaders to ensure the sustainability of the rural health economy and continued access to quality healthcare for rural communities.

Meet the Team

CEARH is comprised largely of faculty and staff from the Community and Economic Development Initiative of Kentucky (CEDIK) at the University of Kentucky and Oklahoma State University. The CEARH team has extensive rural health expertise: both in research capacity as well as the ability to create tools and resources and deliver trainings, for rural health leaders and their stakeholders.


CEARH Advisory Council

The CEARH Advisory Council provides input to the development of research and trainings, a careful review of documents, and dissemination of materials and training opportunities for rural stakeholders. The advisory members reflect diverse rural stakeholders including hospital, clinic, and EMS leaders, health coalitions, and economic development professionals and elected officials.

Members of the advisory council include media outlets that disseminate news and research on rural health. The Rural Health Leadership Radio is designed specifically for rural listeners and The Rural Blog is a national, daily dissemination tool for rural stakeholders with a particular emphasis on the rural media.